Saddle Stitched Brochure

Product information
  • Saddle stichted brochure = stapled brochure
  • Stitched brochures hold up to 80 pages
  • For more pages choose our paperback with perfect binding
  • Free choice of cover desgin
  • Large selection of papers for cover and contents
  • Image brochures, price lists, magazines, music books...


Format & Orientation
Cover (4 pages)

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Saddle Stitched Brochure or Booklet

The cost-effective saddle stitched brochures are the ideal binding option for magazines, company image brochures, information leaflets or music books.

A Brochure for Documents with Limited Pages

We offer automatic brochure printing for A4 and A5. Our machines automatically print, fold and stitch documents with a maximum of 80 pages.

Should you wish to print a brochure with more pages, please select our paperback with softcover perfect binding. Softcover perfect binding allows to bind up to 350 sheets, which means 700 pages for duplex prints, far more than would be possible with saddle stitching. Another possibilty is strip binding with SureBind strips, which can bind up to 440 sheets, enabling you to print a document with up to 880 pages as duplex prints.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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