Hardcover Ring Binding

Product information
  • Hard book covers bound in a wire binder
  • Optional embossing & book corner protectors, very easy page turning
  • Ideal for high quality photobooks or scrapbooks
①  Format & Orientation
②  Paper & Printing
③  Cover Options
Book leathers  
Linen fabrics  
Printed hardcover     (instead of book leather or linen covers)
④  Additional Options
Please leave a comment explaining, which file shall be folded and indicate exactly where you would like it to be inserted into the copy. The file will always be inserted behind the position you indicate. Meaning the indicated page of the main document will remain where it is and the folded page will be inserted behind.
Example: Folding.pdf page 2 insert in copy as page 4; Folding.pdf page 3 insert in copy as page 5.
In this case the folded pages will be inserted into the copy as pages 4 and 5.
If you have already inserted the pages, you would like us to fold and insert into the copy, into your PDF-file, please indicate exactly whiches pages of the file are to be folded.
Example: Main documents.pdf pages 2, 4, 6, 24
Please only indicate page numbers, that will appear when viewing the PDF file. If the page settings (simplex/duplex printing) do not correspond with the settings for the product, please also leave a comment.
So that we can clearly see which pages you would like us to fold, please use obvious file names: Folding.odf, Folding_1.pdf, Folding_2.pdf, ...
Should you have any questions please contact us: 0800/9631369.
Out customer service will contact you as soon as possible after order to discuss details about register punching.
CD/DVD options
Label templates for CDs
Corner pockets for plans up to A1

Please note the shipping date for your order.

Order a Hardcover Ring Binder Online


Looking for a Practical Yet Elegant Solution? Choose Our Hard Cover Ring Binding With Foil Stamping

The hardcover ring binding combines all the advantages of a classical hardcover book and a wire binding. The book covers are made of the same high quality leather or linen we use for our perfect binding hardcover. Foil-stamped letters and book corner protectors can be added for a more elegant look.


Elegant and Practical

The book covers are manufactured inhouse and are hole punched together with the printed document and bound in a stable wire ring binder. Due to the high quality of the materials used and the foil stamping the hardcover ring binding is elegant, easy to open and especially stable. 

This binding option is the perfect choice for books that need to last longer, like recipe books or travel diaries. Single pages can be easily taken out of the wire binder. You can even fully cut open the ring to reorganise and rebind the entire contents.


Individual Ideas - Individual Ring Binders

We are happy to make an offer for individual custom-made products not listed in our online printing and binding service sedruck.de.

For advice and further information visit our page help and order process. Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email using our contact form or call us (for free within Germany) at 0800-963 13 69*.

Choose an individual foil-stamped lettering for your book cover to give your hardcover ring binder a personal touch. Often our customers choose to have title, author and year foil-stamped onto the cover.

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