Strip Binding (SureBind)

Product information
  • Durable and long lasting binding method using SureBind strips
  • Optional imprints for various coloured cardboards
  • Perfect for extensive documents like annual reports
Format & Orientation
Paper & Printing
Cover Options
Paper type for cover
Paper type for cover
Additional Options
Please leave a comment explaining, which file shall be folded and indicate exactly where you would like it to be inserted into the copy. The file will always be inserted behind the position you indicate. Meaning the indicated page of the main document will remain where it is and the folded page will be inserted behind.
Example: Folding.pdf page 2 insert in copy as page 4; Folding.pdf page 3 insert in copy as page 5.
In this case the folded pages will be inserted into the copy as pages 4 and 5.
If you have already inserted the pages, you would like us to fold and insert into the copy, into your PDF-file, please indicate exactly whiches pages of the file are to be folded.
Example: Main documents.pdf pages 2, 4, 6, 24
Please only indicate page numbers, that will appear when viewing the PDF file. If the page settings (simplex/duplex printing) do not correspond with the settings for the product, please also leave a comment.
So that we can clearly see which pages you would like us to fold, please use obvious file names: Folding.odf, Folding_1.pdf, Folding_2.pdf, ...
Should you have any questions please contact us: 0800/9631369.
CD/DVD options
Label templates for CDs

Please note the shipping date for your order.

SureBind Strips - Perfect for Extensive Documents of up to 880 Pages


SureBind strips are very durable and still a low-cost binding option. A comb with prongs is pushed through the holes of the pages and securely welded in place. The spine is covered with fabric tape for more support and a neat look. Pretty cardboard colours and an imprint add to an impressive finish. 

Softcover Binding Options for Weighty Documents

SureBind strips are ideal for documents with many pages. The printouts and cardboard covers are hole punched to insert a comb with prongs which is welded together with a corresponding counterpart. This way even very extensive documents are securely fastened.

SureBind strips are preferred for any kind of business documents. They are ideal for binding financial statements, balance sheets or annual reports etc. 

Individual and Cost-Effective Offers Are Not a Problem for Us!

If you are looking for an individual offer for options not listed as a standard in our online service, we are happy to make a quote. For further information please use our contact form or call us directly for free at 0800-963 13 69* (within Germany).

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