Softcover Paperback

Product information
  • perfect binding, adhesive binding, brochure or paperback  
  • Individual printed cover - including print on book spine
  • Cost effective from 1 copy onwards, discount for larger quantities
  • Bachelor, master or doctoral theses, textbooks, image brochures
  • Further information on perfect binding softcover
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②  Paper & Printing
③  Cover Options
Paper type for cover
Paper type for cover
④  Additional Options
Please leave a comment explaining, which file shall be folded and indicate exactly where you would like it to be inserted into the copy. The file will always be inserted behind the position you indicate. Meaning the indicated page of the main document will remain where it is and the folded page will be inserted behind.
Example: Folding.pdf page 2 insert in copy as page 4; Folding.pdf page 3 insert in copy as page 5.
In this case the folded pages will be inserted into the copy as pages 4 and 5.
If you have already inserted the pages, you would like us to fold and insert into the copy, into your PDF-file, please indicate exactly whiches pages of the file are to be folded.
Example: Main documents.pdf pages 2, 4, 6, 24
Please only indicate page numbers, that will appear when viewing the PDF file. If the page settings (simplex/duplex printing) do not correspond with the settings for the product, please also leave a comment.
So that we can clearly see which pages you would like us to fold, please use obvious file names: Folding.odf, Folding_1.pdf, Folding_2.pdf, ...
Should you have any questions please contact us: 0800/9631369.
CD/DVD options
Label templates for CDs

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Softcover with a Wide Selection - Affordable Even for Large Quantities

Perfect binding or adhesive binding is a simple and cost-effective softcover option. The wide selection of cardboard covers, varying in structure and colour, allows a very individual design. The content is printed and usually glued into a cardboard envelope used as cover. The finished book is then trimmed on three sides, respecting the document's margin. The adhesive used is well cured and therefore very durable even if used often. We offer discount for large quantity orders for this softcover binding option. The more you order, the higher the discount! 


The Cover - Paperback or a Protective Foil Cover and Adhesive Spine Tape

Usually this method uses a cardboard envelope as cover - just like a classic paperback seen in bookstores. This way you are free to design your personal cover. If you would like to use different materials for the front and back cover (e.g. a protective foil as front cover and blue cardboard on the back), an adhesive spine tape will cover the spine to make it appear like the book was made in one piece.


Printed Covers - Your Individually Designed Book Cover

A printed cover is best used in combination with a lightly coloured and printable cardboard. 

Design you own cover: Advice on how to design a cover


New: You can design your cover online - all sizes will be automatically calculated with respect to the amount of pages. Select "Printed cover", then "Online cover designer" and finally click on "Design online". 


Alternatively you can choose to cover your title page with a protective foil cover. Please do not hesitate to add a cover page to your order, which can be printed onto the cover cardboard or inserted as cover page beneath a protective foil cover.   

Surface Finish for High Gloss Brochures

Would you like an especially elegant finish for your brochure? As a surface finish we can offer a high gloss lamination for the cover cardboard.


Cost-Effective Binding Option for Universities and Businesses  

The low-cost perfect binding softcover is ideal for binding seminar papers and theses, like your bachelor, master or doctoral thesis etc. Often this perfect binding option is chosen for sample copies of doctoral theses. But this low cost method with a cardboard envelope and printed cover is also perfect for textbooks. Of course our online printing and binding service is happy to print and bind your job application documents. The design and cover of an application is always an indicator for an applicant's personality and creativity. Use our large selection of cardboards for your individual design. Your job application bound as a softcover will leave a good impression. Perfect binding softcover is also the best choice for binding manuals of any kind - e.g. manuals for your machines, camera, computer etc.


Would You Like to Add CDs or DVDs to Your Softcover book?

As for all our binding options, you can also order a CD or DVD with your data with your perfect binding softcover. Of course you can also add a label to your CD or DVD. Please have a look at "CD/DVD options" and enter the required quantities.

Questions or Special Requirements?

We are happy to help you with your order. Please send us an email using our contact form or call us at 0800-963 13 69*.


Eine Leimbindung von sedruck mit umlaufendem Umschlag und Cover-Aufdruck

Perfect binding softcover by as paperback with a printed cardboard envelope used as cover.

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