Albums for Photographs & Documents

Product information
  • Hardcover wire binding in A4 landscape 
  • Transparent envelopes as protection for documents and pictures
  • Imprints / passe-partouts individually manufactured
  • Certificates, photographs & pictures perfectly protected
  • Perfect as family registry for weddings
  • Reusable presentation folder for artists ...
Format & Orientation
Cover Options
Book leathers  
Linen fabrics  
Printed hardcover     (instead of book leather or linen covers)
Additional Options

Please note the shipping date for your order.

A wire bound album is the perfect composition between an easy-to-use spiral binding and an impressive looking hardcover. Give your creativity free rein and design your personal photo book or book of drawings and paintings.

Album Binding Details

The wire-bound album is protected by two book covers made from linen or leather, enclosing a desired amount of durable transparent envelopes. These envelopes are stronger than normal protective foils. They do not contain any harmful plasticizers. 

The book covers and envelopes are bound together by a strong wire spiral, available in different colours: black, white or silver. 

My Album, My Ideas

For special requests please use the comment field. We will contact you to discuss any additional costs before we bind your album. The invoice will be enclosed in your parcel.

Bind your scrapbook - easy-to-use, durable and individual!

Personalise your album by adding foil-stamped letters, e.g. "FAMILY REGISTRY" or "Family Smith". Simply add your personal foil-stamped text by selecting the foil stamping option in the calculation mask. For foil stamping you can choose between four different colours and two fonts. 

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