Photo Booklet

Product information
  • Saddle stitching = staple bound or booklet stitching
  • Brackets up to 32 pages possible, otherwise choose glue binding
  • Individual printed cover possible
  • High quality art paper
  • Image brochure, advertising catalog, photo booklet ...


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The stitched photo booklet - photo booklet - brochure

The high-quality photo booklet with saddle stitching, also called brochure, is our most affordable and compact photo product. It is ideally suited as an image & advertising brochure for companies, as a thin photo calendar or catalogue and for slim portfolios of all kinds. The photo booklet is particularly defined by its great opening characteristics. Thanks to the subtle staple binding, the pages can be opened completely and laid completely flat. The photo pages are held together in the middle with strong staples. An additional advantage of booklet binding is that it also enables the use of cross-page motifs.

The photo booklet combines photo quality with small product volume

We offer the photo booklet in a square format of 20.5 x 20.5 cm. Documents of a maximum of 32 pages can be printed, folded and stapled in high quality. We use quality photo printing paper with a satin finish for this product. The book cover is additionally coated from the outside and is therefore particularly elegant and robust. The photo booklet is therefore also wonderfully suitable as a present or souvenir. By gifting a photo booklet, you gift experiences and memories in paper format. Homemade gifts always have a big impact and a photo booklet is particularly quick and easy to create. The stable booklet binding ensures that you can enjoy the product for a long time.

Creation of the print data for the stapled photo booklet

With sedruck's online designer, you can freely design your inside pages and the book cover. The number of pages you have selected is transferred directly into the designer, where you can add or reduce pages if necessary. You can upload single or multiple files into the online designer. Add text and colors manually in the designer and use layouts to arrange the elements. So you can design page by page quickly and easily. The layouts are ideal to achieve a light, fast and symmetrical design of the individual elements. Make sure that your images have a high resolution in order to achieve the best possible print result. The book cover consists of 4 pages; the two customizable cover outside pages (U1 & U4) and the two book cover inner pages (U2 & U3).

The inner part of the book begins with a right-hand side page and must be at least 12 pages. The online designer automatically generates a PDF file that you can check in the shopping cart. You should download the PDF and check that all fonts and images are displayed as desired. If you agree, you can simply continue with the order. The PDF documents are then saved with your job for printing.

Text, images and other content that must not be cropped should be placed at least 0.5 cm from the edges.

Alternative to the photo booklet = soft cover photo book

If you want a large photo book with similar attributes, we recommend the soft cover photo book. With the soft cover hot glue binding it’s possible to include more documents than by using saddle stitching - up to 156 pages can be included in a soft cover photo book. In addition, the cover of the book can be designed all around, including the spine. Where a title or name and year information can be placed.

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