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Print your flyers online - with or without folding

With you can easily get your PDF files printed as leaflets or flyers. Our interactive calculator tool will immediately show you the price for any selected options. Once ordered, printing will usually start the same day. Depending on the selected shipping option you can receive your flyers already the day after ordering.


A varied selection for cost-effective flyer printing

We offer you many options regarding the format, paper and folding of your flyers and leaflets.

Flyer format (final format):

Please specify the so-called final format, i.e. the format your flyer will have when folded. For flyers without folding the final format is simply the paper format.

Example: You want us to print on a sheet of A4 paper which shall be folded twice to fit in a DL letter envelope. Therefore your final format will be 'envelope DL'.

Folded flyers & leaflets:

We offer you three types of folding at the moment:

1. Simple fold: The sheet of paper will be folded once in the middle of the long side.

2. Z-fold: Folded twice along the long side of the sheet, ideal for fitting into a DL letter envelope.

3. Letter fold: Like with the Z-fold the sheet of paper will be folded twice, but both folds will be in the same direction, see picture 3.
Front page: 100 mm
Back page: 100 mm
folded page: 97 mm



We offer the following paper substances for printing your flyers:

90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 160gsm and 300gsm.

All these paper types are certified by the FSC. Therefore you can be sure that the wood for the paper was made using sustainable forestry.


You want more options and flyer variations?

We will gladly inform you about further flyer options. Please contact us per telephone, email or contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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