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Ordering Process

Send Files to sedruck for Printing and Binding





  • video instructions about the ordering process at
  • Video tutorial (in German)


Ordering Process

1. Select Product and Calculate Price

Select your product from the list on the left of the page or visit home. On the following page you have the possibility to calculate your price and to place your non-binding order in the cart. 

Tip: You can place several orders in the cart. All products can be edited in the cart. To do so, please select "edit order", edit your order to your requirements and replace the order in your cart.

2. Cart: Upload PDF Files / Select Shipping Option

When you have chosen your product, upload your PDF file to your cart by selecting "send document". You may also send your files via email by selecting "send files later via email". Or you complete your order and upload your files to the corresponding order in your account.

In the cart you will also see the different shipping options and the corresponding prices

3. Indicate Recipient for Order and Invoice

As soon as you have sent your files, you will need to indicate a recipient for the order and invoice. After the order has been completed, you will be able to see the status of your order. If you would like to split your order and have it shipped to different addresses, please contact us. We are happy to help.

4. Prices

The price for your product will be directly calculated in the mask on the right-hand side. Beneath each mask you can select "price details", showing you a price overview for the corresponding binding type. By selecting loose leaf printing you will also see an overview of the printing costs. Another overview can be found in the cart.

All indicated prices only account for orders placed within the online service Our on-site prices can be found here: Copyshop in Leipzig & sedruck-Copyshop-Darmstadt (in German).


Send Files to sedruck for Printing and Binding


Upload Printing Files

You usually upload the printing files during the ordering process withing the shopping cart.

You can also decide to upload the printing files via following email: after the order was finished or you might upload the PDF files within your user account:

  1. Login at
  2. click on "Orders overview"
  3. click on "Upload remaining documents"
  4. choose the pdf documents on you computer and upload them.

How to Prepare Printing Files


Which File Format is Needed for Printing?

Generally we print and bind PDF files. Should you have problems converting your documents to PDF, follow the instructions below or contact us.  

What Image Resolution Is Required?

- If possible your images should have a resolution of 300dpi. Images with lower resolution may print out pixelated.

Tip: Zoom into your PDF files. If the images appear pixelated, replace these with images that have a higher resolution.

How Wide Do the Page Margins Need to Be?

- For most binding options a left margin of approx. 2cm is required.

- Images require a min. margin of 0.5cm to the sides.

- We also print and bind cut-in images. For this bleed cut a min. of 2mm should be added. Please leave us a comment in the according mask that you require full-bleed printing before completing your order. 


For further information and advice do not hesitate to get in touch via email or telephone, please visit contact for contact information.


How to Make a Cover Page

For advice on how to design a cover page please visit the follwing link: How to make a cover page.


How to Create a PDF File

Your printing documents should be converted to a PDF file, this makes it easier to process your data. Other file formats, like word documents, are very sensitive to other computers and sometimes change their complete formatting when opened on these. A PDF file will ensure that your selected fonts and margins will remain. Most programs already offer an easy PDF export function today, otherwise you can use the following free-of-charge program to convert your files to PDF:

>>Download PDF Creator<<

1. How to Install PDF Creator 

After you have downloaded the PDF Creator and run the file pdf24.exe by double clicking, a printer with the name PDF24 will be installed on your computer. Select this printer for your documents if you wish to convert them to PDF.

2. How to Use PDF Creator

Open your document, e.g. word document. Select "print document". In the list of possible printers you will find one named PDF24. Print your file to PDF24 and your document will be converted in to a PDF file, which you can save on your computer. You can upload this file to our site.


You Cannot Create a PDF File?

If it is not possible for you to create a PDF file, please send us your documents via email. We will convert your files to PDF and send them back to you for proofing. After your approval we will print your order.


How to Indicate Colour Pages

For calculating your price, you are required to indicate the number of colour pages. It is not necessary that you indicate exactly which pages are in colour, as our printers automatically recognise colour pages. You will be informed of any differences to the amount you indicated and charged where applicable. 

You can enter the page numbers of colour pages that you wish to be printed in black and white in the comment field below the calculation mask or in the cart. Please separate the page numbers using a comma. For further notes to our team,

  • please also use the comment field, 
  • before selecting a payment method, ask to be called back (in your cart you can indicate that you wish to be called back), 
  • or contact us directly. 

Costs for Shipping 

After selecting a binding option all shipping options and according prices will be displayed in your cart. Further details:


Standard Shipping with DPD & DHL

We ship for 2.00 € with DHL to the indicated address (or your closest DHL Packstation, see below).


Shipping to a DHL Packstation

(shipping with DHL, only within Germany)

Your order can also be delivered to a DHL Packstation, provided you have selected DHL shipping within Germany. Enter your post number in the field "addtion to address". Instead of indicating a street please indicate "Packstation" and the corresponding number of the Packstation. In the fields for post code and city please enter the post code and city of the Packstation, to which your order shall be delivered.

  • Instructions about how to put DHL-Packstation as a shipping address




Express Delivery - Overnight Shipping with UPS

You will definitely receive your order on the next working day after the expected shipping date by 12h30 or 10h30. For this your order needs to be placed before 14h00 the day before. Please note: if you wish to receive your order on Monday morning, you must place your order with us by 14h00 on Friday.  

Express delivery Monday to Friday within Germany by 12h30: 9.00 € and by 10h30: 15.90 € express surcharge.

Express delivery on Saturday within Germany: 29.90 € express surcharge.

Please notice: if your billing adress is not in Germany, you have to pay instantly after your order, otherwise we will not proceed with the printing.


Shipping Abroad

Shipping to EU Countries

Within the countries of the EU we charge 20.00€ for standard shipping within 5-6 working days.

For overnight express delivery we charge 75.00€.


Shipping to Switzerland

For shipping to Switzerland we charge 32.20€ within 5-6 working days. Express delivery: see all other countries.


Shipping to All Other Countries

Standard shipping, 5-6 working days: 49.00€

Express delivery: 109.00€ 



Collection at a sedruck Shop in Darmstadt or Leipzig

The self collect option without shipping charges is available in all our sedruck shops in Leipzig and Darmstadt. You must pay your order upon collection in cash or with debit card (online payment options are not available).


The following target pick up times only apply after confirmation by the shop. You will receive confirmation by telephone from your shop within their opening hours. Please ensure that we can reach you by phone.



- For collection, order placed on Monday between 08h00 and 14h00

Generally you can collect your order within 24h if your order was placed by 14h00 the day before. For example, if you place your order by 14h00 on Monday, you can usually collect your order on Tuesday from 14h00 (only applicable after telephone confirmation by your shop).


- For collection, order placed Tuesday to Thursday by 14h00

Generally you can collect your order within 24h if your order was placed by 14h00 the day before. For example, if you place your order by 14h00 on Thursday, you can collect your order on Friday from 14h00 (only applicable after telephone confirmation by your shop).

- For collection, order placed on Friday by 14h00

If the order is placed on Friday by 14h00, your printouts will be available the following Monday from 14h00 (only applicable after telephone confirmation by your shop).


- For collection, order placed on Friday after 14h00 until Monday 08h00

All orders placed on Friday after 14h00 until Monday morning 08h00, the earliest pick up time is Tuesday 14h00. For example, if you place your order between Friday afternoon (after 14h00) and Monday morning (before 08h00), your printouts can be picked up on Tuesday after 14h00 (only applicable after telephone confirmation by your shop). (in German) (in German)


Payment Methods

We usually process and ship your order before payment is received. (Exception: your billing address is not in Germany, then processing is only after payment receipt.)

Since oktober 2016 we send the invoice together with the shipping confirmation by e-mail. You can wait for it and transfer the money via direct banking (if your billing address is in Germany). Alternatively, you can pay after completing your order in your account using PayPal, direct banking, credit card or direct debit. If you wish to collect your order, please note that our shops only accept cash or debit cards.

Payment on invoice (your billing adress has to be in Germany) 

Since oktober 2016 we send the invoice together with the shipping confirmation by e-mail. The payment is to be remitted immediately, if you have not yet payed by direct banking, PayPal, credit card or direct debit. We believe that good work deserves appropriate consideration and trust that you feel the same way. Nevertheless, should you once forget to pay for your order, we will send you a reminder and after that a second reminder with an adminstration fee of 2.00 €. Should the invoice then still not be remitted we will hand the case over to our debt collection agency.


Attention: Orders with billing addresses outside of Germany will not be processed until receipt of payment or direct consultation with us via +49 341 / 442 50 9-24 or We are available for you from Monday till Friday between 8am and 4pm (Central European Time).
For fast processing of your order pay directly after your order via online payment services from your user account!


SOFORT-Überweisung (direct banking)

You have the possibility to use direct banking. After your order is completed, you will receive a link via email. With the TÜV-certified payment system SOFORT Überweisung you can pay your order without registering and using your usual online banking data. more about SOFORT Überweisung

You can also select direct banking in your account.

Even if you select direct banking we will enclose the invoice in your order. It should be noted on the invoice, that it has already been remitted. If this is not the case, then your order was shipped before we recieved your payment. You do not need to pay a second time. 



In your account, after the end of ther ordering process, you can also choose to pay using PayPal. Simply select this option in your order overview and follow the instructions. 


Credit Card

To pay with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) please complete your order. Afterwards you can click on the credit card symbol in your order overview in your account. Simply follow the instructions. Credit card payments are processed by the German company "secupay".


Direct Debit

To pay by direct debit please complete your order. Afterwards you can click on the symbol for direct debit in your order overview in your account. Simply follow the instructions. The payment is processed by the German company "secupay".



If you have a coupon, you can enter the code in the cart, there you will see a field "coupon code". Please enter the code here. Please pay attention to capital letters, possible space characters, minimum order value and the expiry date. Should you still encounter any problems entering the code, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Payment on Collection / sedruck-card

When you pick up your order, you will need to pay in the shop using cash or debit card. Discount from the sedruck-card is not applicable for online orders. 

Please note
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