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  • Glued binding with 24 to 156 pages
  • Individual printed cover - including print on book spine
  • High quality photo printing on art paper
  • Photo books, image brochures, catalogs, portfolios
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The softcover photo book

The high-quality photo book as a soft cover is a bound photo product with a paperback character. It is ideal as a photo album or catalogue and to present photos of all kinds in bound form. We offer the softcover in a square format of 20.5 x 20.5 cm. Image files of up to 156 pages can be printed and bound in high quality. The book cover is additionally coated and is therefore particularly high-quality and robust. Your most beautiful moments are excellently staged as this softcover book with photo printing paper.

Photo book gifts with soft cover

Is there a special occasion like an anniversary or a wedding? Then a self-designed photo book is particularly suitable to give a personal and unique gift. Photo products are gifts with a great effect and for long-lasting joy. Even without a special occasion, photo books are a nice medium to preserve experiences and memories. So far, have you only kept your photos digitally? See in the next section how easy it is to make photo books out of it. With the sedruck online designer, print-ready files can be created in next to no time.

Creation of the print data for the softcover photo book

Use the sedruck online designer to easily design your inside pages and the book cover. First, start by defining a page count for your book. The amount of pages can be added or reduced in the online designer if necessary. The inner part of your softcover photo book begins with a right-hand side page and must include at least 24 pages. Upload your desired files via the menu on the left or use the drag and drop function to place images directly. No matter whether photos or PDF files, you can load single or multiple files into the online designer. Insert texts and colors manually in the designer and use layouts to arrange individual elements. You can use the layout templates to place your images very easily and symmetrically. You can try out the most varied of image arrangements page by page or you can keep a continuous layout. Always make sure that your images have a high resolution in order to achieve the best possible print result. Texts, page numbers and content that must not be cropped under any circumstances should be placed at least 0.5 cm from the edge.

The book cover consists of 3 elements; the front (U1), the back (U4) and the spine of the book. You can also let your creativity run free when designing the envelope. The book cover is like the face of the book; The first thing the viewer sees. Give your book a meaningful title and place a special motif. So the outside cover already arouses curiosity about the inner part. If you are satisfied with your cover and the inside pages, a PDF file is automatically generated in the online designer, which you can check in the shopping cart. You should download the PDF and check that all fonts and images are displayed as desired. If you agree, you can simply continue with the order. The PDF documents are then saved with your job for printing.

Alternative to the softcover photo book = hardcover photo book

If you want a sturdy book cover, we recommend the hardcover photo book. This hardcover Hot glue binding in high-resolution photo quality looks particularly high-quality and stable thanks to the firm, thick cover.

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