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You can order a free sample copy / preview sample for any product with a product value of at least 200 Euro. A corresponding option checkbox will appear in your shopping cart. After you have received the sample copy you can choose to either make us fulfill or cancel the remaining order. After payment, we send the copies to you.

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In advance, you can also request our paper samples, our book cover samples or the sedruck product catalogue:

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Simply order the desired paper samples free of charge via the above order form.
You will find a description of our available paper types during the ordering process in the question mark help-boxes next to the paper selection form field.
In addition, we provide you with the following guide:
Paper guide for printing and book binding

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You can request a book cover sample booklet free of charge. Please use the form above.

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Please use the order form above.

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Inside the order overview you may pause or cancel the order, as long as it is not in production yet. On the help page you can find answers to important questions.

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